If you want to keep your diamond in good condition and prevent it from being lost or damaged, then a regular, professional cleaning is recommended, usually every six months if you wear it every day.

Diamond jewellery can easily acquire a build-up of dirt, make-up and other materials that can diminish brightness.

Keep your diamonds looking new by following the next steps:

  • Take your diamond jewellery (especially rings, these are more exposed than other jewellery to dirt and damage) for inspection and professional cleaning at least twice a year;

  • Store your diamond jewellery separately in your jewellery box or in a soft pouch;

  • Insure your diamonds against loss or theft. Your insurance company can provide a rider to cover any costly items like diamond jewellery;

  • Please do not wear your diamond jewellery while applying lotions, make-up, perfumes or hair sprays, these chemicals can destroy the sparkle of your diamond jewellery;

  • Please do not wear your diamond jewellery while doing activities like sports, swimming, gardening or household chores.