Violeta’s jewellery is created to last a lifetime, to protect it and contribute to its longevity, there are few tips to follow:

  • Try to store jewellery separately and its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other;

  • Please do not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents or other chemical products, perfumes or hair sprays;

  • Remove jewellery during tasks;

  • Please do not wear jewellery in swimming pools and spas, chlorinated water can react with the metals causing color changes and even structural damage;

  •  While doing contact sports please remove the jewellery;

  • Gentle cleaning is recommended with a soft jewellery cleaner and we advise ultrasonic cleaning;

  • Remove your jewellery before taking a bath or showering, shower gels, soap and shampoos can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and grubby;

  • Please avoid cleaning damaged jewellery, cracked or broken will prevent any future damage or loss;

  • When you go in holiday please use a jewellery case to protect your favourite pieces;

  • Keep your jewellery collection organised and under control.


We hope these recommendations will help you, if you would like any further information or advice, please contact our Customer Care team on +40 755 855 325 or